Sunday, 22 December 2013

Expanded Tutorial of Vic01's (from Robot Japan forum) mod on SIC Black's joints PLUS other simple mods by other customisers!

hi people!

As requested by Arrancar, here is a simple tutorial for modding Kamen Rider Black's joint to make it more poseable. The original modding is NOT done by me. Its by Vic01 from Robot Japan forum (see link: :) I just add simple steps so people understand more how its done. The photos are courtesy from Vic01 too. I hope he doesnt mind coz i am not a member of robot japan and didnt ask for his permission to use these D: Vic01 if you see this, hope you are ok with it! ;p

Before we start you need to get the following items ready:
1) pliers (optional)
2) hand drill (must)
3) revoltech joints black color (4 single joint 8mm and 2 double joint 8 mm, or you can use 10mm onces for hte legs)
4) blade (optional)
5) hairdryer (optional)

Step 1:
Remove all the existing joints from Black. You can use pliers, your own hand whatever works. You can also heat it up with hair dryer to make the joint eaiser to remove.

In this case, you should remove the knee joints, elbow joints and shoulder joints.

Step 2:

Use a hand drill or a hobby drill to drill holes on the following parts:
1) Shoulder ball socket located on the chest part
2) Shoulder ball socket located on the upper arm
3) Ball sockets located on the upper arm connecting to lower arm
4) Ball sockets located on the lower arm connecting to the upper arm
5) Ball sockets located on the upper leg connecting to the lower leg
6) Ball sockets located on the lower leg connecting to the upper leg.

Make sure you use a drill bit that is smaller than the joint on the revoltech to ensure there are friction between the drilled holes and the revoltech joint. Also using smaller drill bit is easier. You can always enlarge the hole with larger drill bits later when you found the revoltech joint wont fit in the drilled hole.

Step 3

Step 3:
Simply plug in the revoltech joints into those drilled holes and you are done. Use single joint on the shoulder and arm and double joint on the legs.

And we are done, see below for the enhanced poseability:
You can actually do additional mod on the thigh joints connecting to the waist by using those double joints found on hlj (see below) for more additional poseability.
Well thats it, hope this is useful! :)
While i was looking for pics for the above tutorial, i stumbled on more simple mods done by others which can be very useful to SIC collectors:
Here is Kenjitron's mod on Stronger's neck articulation to make it poseable:
And here is Miko Matsing's mod on Kiwami Kuuga to make him taller:
For the kuuga mod, I'll like to add a note that those taller double ball joints can be found not only in kiwami faiz sets but indicidually from ball joint sets found on, its cheaper and you get a lot of spare joints:


  1. Merry Christmas and thanks for adding some clarification to it. I'm curious about step 2. Is the ball severed from the shoulder joint's ball joint before drilling?

    1. Merry Xmas to you too!!

      For step 2, you need to remove the ball joint from the shoulder socket joint before you drill into the socket. The ball joints are easily removable if you heat it up with a hairdryer. Use a pincer or your fingers to pull the ball joint out.

  2. how to attach the knee pads on the legs?

    1. hi! there are two ways to do this:
      (1) glue the knee pads on the lower legs. This is what I suspect the original customiser did as you can see the knee pads doesnt move with the joints.
      (2) attach the knee pads on the joint itself by first using putty to connect the joint and the knee pad and then secure it further with super glue. Remember to first cut out as much resin as possible from the underside of the knee pads so that it doesn't look too jutted out from the joint when you connect it.

      Hope this helps :) Thankas for viewing my blog!