Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Custom Rider J, J for Jialat ;p

Among so many limited SIC figures this guy has got to be the ultimate repaint figure. Kamen Rider J. If you compare him with ZO, the only difference besides repaint from ZO is his faceplate, linings on his head and the small change in his belt. I dont know him but his green color scheme really attracts me not to mention the mininal resculpt. So naturally this was my 2nd custom that i did after Birth ;)

Being my 2nd Custom and seeing there s really nothing much to do i took extra care in sanding it and getting the right color scheme.

So first, a lot of sanding, I used up an entire sanding paper for this. After that rinsing in water to remove the sanded dust.

Back then my putty manipulation sucks but somehow managed to do a half decent job of changing the belt part.

Then for the head, I did a shortcut. Instead of resculpting his faceplate with putty, I cut ZO face up to resemble (as much as possible) J's. Its not very accurate but it will do for me since I was scared to manipulate putty back then ;p However, those additional lines accross his head requires putty. I  filled up the cracks running across the top of his head and then rolled up a fine roll of putty to stick on along the white portion of his head (see photo on the right below). And thats about the only resculpt you need to do on this guy :D

Next is the process of repainting him. I used metallic silver, light green matt paint and a metallic dark green paint for this. The metallic dark green was mixed with some light green paint to get J's color.

First layer was the bright green around his body. Since the color was so bright i didnt even underlay it with a coat of silver or primer.

Second layer was a silver layer. I didnt use a primer coz back then I didnt know what the heck is a primer. And this turned out to be a good thing as the silver layer later actually brings out the green layers on top.

Third and fourth and fifth was the mixed metallic green color. The first layer will look quite uneven and does not look like the color you want from it. Be patient, 2nd and 3rd layer of the mixed green will solve that. I also made sure I dilute my paint layers so that I can do several layers of smooth even green. The metallic green on top of the metallic silver will give you the shine you wanted for J. I then color another layer of lighter green over certain areas to reflect J's color scheme.

Voila, J ... limited ver ;p Its not EXACTLY like the real one but hey for a 2nd custom Im satisfied ;p A fairly easy custom for beginners (like me) which was why i wanted to make this tutorial for nayone who is interested in customising SICs ;)

If you wanna get a spare ZO to make this, look around ebay, there are some ;) If you;re from Malaysia, drop me a comment, I may be able to get you a good priced ZO/Doras set ;). Cheerios!


  1. Hye.. can u find me sic zo n doras?

    1. you from Malaysia? :)you can message me at ;)

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